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The Antwerp Advantage: A guide to ensure the quality of your diamond jewelry

  08-04-2023     Reacties (0)

Antwerp has been a center for diamond trading and cutting for centuries, and is home to some of the most skilled diamond cutters and traders in the world. This is why Antwerp has gained the reputation for being the diamond capital of the world. So how can you ensure the quality of your diamond when buying diamond jewelry in Antwerp? Here are some tips:   1. Buy from a reputable dealer At Orsini Diamonds, we are proud to have been awarded the ' Antwerp's Most Brilliant'  label by the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC). This label is the n° 1 quality requirement you should look for when buying diamond jewelry in Antwerp. The Antwerp Most Brilliant label is exclusively obtained by jewellers who meet rigorous standards for quality and ethical diamond sourcing. Kiwa, an...

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