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 Is it possible to try out the jewellery before buying?
 How does Orsini guarantee the quality of its diamonds?
 Is it safe to buy Orsini Diamonds online?
 Do the discounts in the webshop apply to the stores as well?
 How do I determine my ring size?
 What is the best way to look after my jewellery?
 What is the difference between natural, treated and synthetic diamonds?
 What are our company details?
 How much will I pay for delivery in Belgium and the Netherlands?
 What happens if an article was in stock in the webshop, but ends up being unavailable?
 How will my order be delivered?
 How can I track my order?
 What if you are not at home when your parcel is delivered?
 I am not entirely satisfied with the product and I wish to return it. What do I do?
 How do I exercise my right of withdrawal?
 Can I exchange the article I have bought?
 How long is my purchased item covered by the guarantee?
 What is not covered by the guarantee?
 What if my jewellery breaks while it is still under guarantee?
 What is the best way to contact you with a question, remark or complaint?
 Which details should be mentioned in your e-mail or our contact form?
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